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Before you start reading this we need to make you aware we are NOT being paid for reviews. This is just our own experience and what we think. Cheers, AL & Rob - - - - - - - - - A cycle to work to scheme with no limit? Where do I sign up? It's not so much that I ride to work but I ride for work. There is the commute to our HQ but for a good few months of the year, I'm normally on the road taking groups of riders all over Europe. Most of the...

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People often ask why the Polocini vehicles aren't covered in red spots and liveried up. There are two reasons for this. The first is straightforward because in cycling there is what we refer to as the 'Team Car Wanker' and we don't want to be like them. The TCW is a special breed as they never actually have a team. They do however have a car absolutely plastered in stickers. The TCW also likes to refer to themselves as a founder. Founder of a scientific group to cure cancer? Founder of a charity to abolish world hunger and poverty? No,...

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Ride Report, Roubaix -

What? Another Roubaix guide with mentions of double bar tape, stupid tyre pressures and THE FAMOUS ROUBAIX PAVE written in bold capitals every other sentence. The internet is full of all these cliches. I know because before I rode the cobbles for the first time I read them all. My setup was all wrong and what should have been a great day became a tough one. Exactly the sort of 'epic' you read about, but all of my own making.  Fast forward a few years and I try and hit the cobbles as often as I can. I'll shoehorn a ride...

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