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Reviews - Green Commute Initiative: No limit cycle to work scheme


A cycle to work to scheme with no limit? Where do I sign up? It's not so much that I ride to work but I ride for work. There is the commute to our HQ but for a good few months of the year, I'm normally on the road taking groups of riders all over Europe. Most of the time I'm just in the van or standing on the side of the road throwing Haribo and water at people but I do get to ride a bit.

As someone who works in cycling, I'm expected to have loads of bikes and the latest kit. I often see the surprise on peoples faces when I wheel out my 2013 10sp aluminium BMC that carries some serious battle scars but that is the best bike I've ever had. I say ever because it was in a bike bag in the back of a van and someone stood on top of it rather than moving it when reaching for a case. It has paid for itself ten times over as it was £700 off eBay five years ago and had been ridden pretty much everywhere in Europe from cobbles to Ventoux. The rear stay was crushed and I only have one other road bike so it was time for a new one.

BMC bike on the Koppenberg

I didn't actually know that the cycle to work limit had been lifted. I literally googled scheme providers and there was a link to a story in early June 2019 about the limit. At the time (August 2019) the only provider with no limit was

I used the calculator on the GC website to work out what I could afford and then started looking at bikes. Once I had found one I emailed them and it was unbelievably straight forward. All of the information on the GC website is correct and I had no issues whatsoever. The scheme has been around a long time, it's just that the value is higher with GC so all of the steps involved are exactly same as with any other provider.

The only real problem I can see with a no-limit scheme is that employers just won't be able to afford it. They have to pay the cost of the bike upfront. If you have several employees wanting bikes then it's a huge layout and cashflow kills businesses.

I have no affiliation with Green Commute Initiative and this review is completely independent but if anyone wants to bribe me then I'm all over Cadburys caramel nibbles at the moment. Not the little bags though, the proper big share ones. Although I don't share.

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