Social Media and Email Policy

All businesses need to use social media and email marketing. But how you manage these channels can be a challenge from an ethical point of view. We have a commitment to lowering our carbon footprint. But what about polluting your social media and inboxes? The following is how and why we choose to market online in the way that we do. 

Twitter - We were an early adopter back in 2010 and enjoyed many silly tweets and interactions. As the platform evolved it changed in tone and we took the decision not to follow back any of our followers. This is not because cyclists aren't nice people but the timeline became unmanageable. We now use it to stalk Philippe Gilbert, interact with mentions, tweet nonsense during races and post random observations. We do tweet links to our products for sale. 

Facebook - the number one marketing tool for business at the moment and a great place to generate money. You will not be seeing us on there. The ethics of Facebook do not align with ours. 

Instagram - yes, we do know who owns it. We use this to put out pictures from rides and pictures of our jerseys. We do not overtly sell with direct links. We like nice cycling pictures. 

Emails - We will never email anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter more than ONE time per month. We aim for a maximum of ten emails per year. 

Strava - Although not a social media platform we use this to announce our forthcoming rides some of which are commercial ventures.