Strade Polocini - Saturday 1st August 2020

This is the definition of a Test Team ride. What are you testing? Our nice new coffee machine and big screen. All coffees are free. Happy days.  

This event is for members only. 

The new HQ is very much a work in progress ahead of the opening on Saturday 8th August. But in true Polocini style we are having a get together to gather feedback on the new gaff but mainly to have a good catch up, watch a race and we've even got a couple of crates of beer.

We are located on School Street, Hazel Grove, SK7 4RA. It's the big place at the end of the street with Polocini route arrows on the gates. There are plenty of bike racks which are covered by CCTV and we have locks as well. There's loads of parking on site. Doors open at 08:30am. 

So to clarify, that's a bike ride. FREE coffee and BEER. Racing on the telly and for those who don't have homes to go to I'll be ordering a takeaway in during the race. However, if we provide the coffee and beer then riders need to provide the respect for each other and common sense around social distancing. Feel free to take the p*ss out of me for for constantly mentioning community. 

The route is up on STRAVA for download. I've planned a 45 miler that should get you back nicely for the racing. It's easy to bail out of and get back to the HQ if needed. At the half way point there's places to get water or supplies if needed as you skirt around the edge of Buxton. 

COVID - on the road. Max of six riders per group as per current British Cycling guidelines. Going up the road in a massive group wearing red spots isn't cool. Well actually it's really cool. But it's stupid and disrespectful to the community we are building. 

COVID at the HQ - we have thirty seats inside as per the current government guidelines. We have plenty of space to distance. If you are ordering at the counter you are required to wear a face covering. If you prefer to remain seated then our staff will wear a mask and serve you. You are not required to wear a face covering when seated. If you choose to sit in a group that is your prerogative. A buff or neck warmer raised to cover your mouth and nose will suffice as a covering. We have hand sanitiser. 

All of this is common sense. All of this is about respect. We are building a community. 

Ride safe.