Sustainability & Environment

We recognise that we all need to do our bit for the environment and start to think even more about sustainability.

We give a sh*t and we know you do too.

All of our cycling jerseys and related products are sourced as close to our base in Lancashire as possible. We only use sustainable packaging. We don't ship items in from the other side of the planet to make an extra few quid.

Since 2013, at our events we have removed plastic cups, coffee stirrers, cutlery and purchased water coolers to cut down on using bottled water. Our caterers have only used bio-degradable food cartons and we even did a meat free event way before it was cool.

We have reusable cable ties and our event pages advise everyone who lives within ten miles to ride in to the event HQ.

Before establishing Polocini, I was proud to have never even owned a four wheeled vehicle. But as we grew, so did our dependency on vehicles for most of our operations. As an example, we usually drive around 300 miles plus on our sportive events. When a rider has a mechanical it's entirely possible we can do a sixty plus mile round trip. These miles all add up. 

We log every mile we drive and evaluate every aspect of how we operate with the aim of being fully carbon neutral in 2023. We look at everything we do in the most environmentally friendly way that we can. We will always listen to any feedback and act on it as soon as possible.


Greta gives a shit. So do we!