Polocini Test Team Lifetime Membership & Jersey


Look cool. Ride faster. Join the Team.

The Polocini Test Team is our club for riders of all abilities from new or casual cyclists to full on race whippets.

The Team started out from rides arranged on social media to test out Polocini cycling event routes and before we knew it we had become a cycling club.

We have grown very fast over the last few years and have almost 200 members internationally from several countries and continents!

We have a higher concentration of riders in the North West of England because this is where the Polocini events originated from. However we have never had plans to be a club with a fixed location.

The emphasis is on social, enjoyable cycling with rides currently being arranged on the Test Team forum. The forum is kept regularly updated with any old threads deleted and is the hub for all Team rides and discussion.

The £70 cost gets you a jersey and lifetime membership to our club with no annual fees. You'll receive discounts off Polocini Cycling Tours and 25% off sportive events plus we have many club adventures throughout the year. But more importantly you make new friends and get to be part of a great cycling club. 

You can even join if you are a member of another club and simply have us as your second claim cycling club.

To visit the Test Team forum please click HERE 

Please refer to the size guide which can be found in the photo gallery on this page. 

Once you have purchased your membership we will contact you with forum login details. 

For more information or if we don't have your size available and you want to join then please contact info@polocini.com